Friday, June 22, 2012

Motorola RAZR V

Another variant of the RAZR, the Motorola RAZR V is an Android 4.0 device heading exclusively to Asian markets. But will we see it anywhere else?

Video: LG Optimus L5

One of LG's L-Style range of attractive but affordable handsets, the LG Optimus L5 certainly looks the part, but is its beauty only skin deep?

Video: Sony Xperia miro

An affordable Android 4.0 smartphone, the Sony Xperia miro also features advanced Facebook integration and stylish good looks.

Video: Sony Xperia tipo

A compact and presumably inexpensive smartphone, the Sony Xperia tipo runs Android 4.0 out of the box, which few other low-end Android devices can offer.

Video: LG Optimus L7

It might not be the flashiest smartphone around, but the LG Optimus L7 is inexpensive, looks good, is reasonably powerful and has Android 4.0 out-of-the box.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Video: Orange San Diego

ARM has a near monopoly over the CPUs in mobile phones, although because ARM licences the core to other manufacturers then there is plenty of competition between different ARM CPU vendors. The Orange San Diego is different, it comes with an Intel core instead. It looks quite promising, and it's good for consumers to have more competition as ultimately that leads to better products.

Video: Sony Xperia acro S

Another waterproof Sony phone, the Sony Xperia S is pretty powerful under the hood too. It's hardly a big step to make these things waterproof, because the Japanese have been doing this for years..

Video: Sony Xperia go

Waterproof, compact, but not necessarily all that rugged when it comes to bumps, the Sony Xperia go should at least survive the odd trip to the pub..