Thursday, November 10, 2011

Flash is dead

Adobe's Flash is dead.. at least on mobile devices.

Flash has been around almost as long as the World Wide Web.. the first version shipped in 1996, and since then it has become the most widely used web plugin for Windows and Mac computers.

In the mobile market, Flash support has been patchy, but one of the key selling features of recent Android releases over the iPhone has been that Android supports Flash and the iPhone does not.

Adobe are shifting resources from Flash to the more widely support HTML5 platform. This will allow Flash-style graphics, but as a standard browser component instead of a plugin.

This is good and bad news for smartphone customers. Flash has always posed a security risk for the devices it is installed on because - bluntly - Adobe software is crap. But there's still a lot of life in this platform, and HTML5 is not widely supported yet.

It's a little sad to hear the death knell for this long established package.. but then critics would say that it is about time.

Adobe's official statement is here.


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