Monday, January 30, 2012

Video: Samsung Galaxy S Advance

There's a bit of a quiet period developing between the CES show in January and the MWC show which has been pushed back two weeks to the end of February. In the meantime manufacturers are making a few announcements.. and the Samsung Galaxy S Advance is one of them.

No, this isn't an upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S II (that would be the Samsung Galaxy S III). It's an upgrade to the original Samsung Galaxy S. Yes, you thought that was the Galaxy S II. So did we. It sits in the wide gap between the Galaxy R and Galaxy Y, so it should be a Galaxy M or Galaxy W. But it isn't.

We think that Samsung may have painted themselves into a corner with their naming convention, and have managed to cause some market confusion.. which is a shame because the Galaxy S Advance is a very decent looking upper midrange smartphone which is exactly the sort of thing many customers are looking for.


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