Monday, June 7, 2010

Motorola Milestone XT720 coming soon

Cheekily announced on the same day that we're expecting to hear about the 4th-gen iPhone, the Motorola Milestone XT720 is the European version of the Korean MOTOROI.

Building on the familiar "Sholes" platform, the XT720 is a keyboardless tablet with a 3.7" display 854 x 480 pixel, 8 megapixel camera with Xenon flash, an HDMI interface to enable it to be connected to an HD TV and Android 2.1. There's also an FM radio (which rumour has it is also installed but not enabled in the original Milestone), plus of course all the multimedia goodies that you'd expect.

Moto haven't said what kind of processor it has, but the MOTOROI has a similar 600MHz CPU to the Milestone which is fast enough for most apps, but you can tell the difference when put up against the HTC Desire.

Motorola have more information and a spec sheet here. They also have a video of their upcoming TV campaign:



krishnesh said...

haha i am watching all theses people go crazy over this device they are all :O its coming yet here i am siting with one in my hands, its been here for some time now and its great, trust me all you crazy people waiting for one Motorola wont disappoint i love my one and i know you will love yours to specially with the new update i revived the outer day. just they bring out 2.2 soon.

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