Friday, July 9, 2010

Comscore reports Android on the march

comScore has reported a significant boost in the percentage share that Android has in the US smartphone market, up from 9.0% in February 2010 to 13.0% in May (up 4%).

RIM is still top of the pile in the US smartphone market, with 41.7% (down 0.4%), followed by Apple at 24.0% (down 1.0%) and Microsoft just ahead of Android at 13.2% (down 1.9%).  Palm comes in at just 4.8% (down 0.6%) although their recent acquisition by HP may make WebOS something of a wildcard.

Apple's decline is probably due in part to anticipation over the the iPhone 4 which was launched last month, so we would expect to see the next round of comScore figures to show a big jump for Apple.

Android is clearly doing well, but it has a lot of work to do if it wants to grab even the number two position from Apple. A lot also depends on whether Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 platform is a success or disaster, and that's something we will only really know in six months time or more.



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