Friday, July 2, 2010 defects to Android has been one of the best blogs for the Symbian platform for some time, but a shock announcement that the blog has closed has certainly caused ripples in the Symbian community.. not least because editor Ricky Cadden has deserted Symbian altogether for Android. tries to steer clear of fanboyism.. there are actually plenty of nice phones out there running something other than Android. So we have to say that we're sad to see but not surprised.

Personally, I believe that Nokia never made the best of Symbian despite having a lot of strengths compared to other OSes. Yes, Nokia have the N900 which runs Maemo - and Android-class OS - but put the N900 and a high-end Android device next to each other and Android certainly wins. The N900 is the first and last Maemo phone from Nokia, future high-end devices will run the untested Moblin OS.

Perhaps it is time for Nokia to swallow its pride and offer an Android handset alongside their Symbian and Maemo/Moblin ones. Would it sell? You betcha..


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