Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Android handsets up 886% in a year

According to a widely reported analysis from Canalys, shipments of Android phones were up 886% between Q2 2009 and Q2 2010, as sales of smartphones surge.

Canalys says that the number one platform for smartphones was Symbian with 27.1m shipments in the quarter, followed by RIM's BlackBerry OS at 11.2m, Android at 10.7m and Apple's iPhone at 8.4m. All vendors reported about a 40%-60% increase in shipments except Microsoft that slipped 10.2% in a rapidly growing market.

Of course, Android shipments are shared between several different manufacturers, where RIM and Apple devices only come from RIM and Apple, and the bulk of Symbian handsets will be Nokia. But who knows where this growth will end up? Don't expect RIM to relinquish that #2 place easily though, as at least three new handsets are likely to be announced by them in the very near future (perhaps even today!)

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