Thursday, August 12, 2010

BBC: Vodafone backs down on Desire fiasco

Another good argument for going SIM-free was the decision of Vodafone in the UK to push out an update to customers that - instead of being the expected Froyo update - in fact filled the phone in unremovable Vodafone-branded applications.

User reactions were understandably very negative, after all if the phone didn't come with this crap on when it was bought.. what right does the carrier have to install it later? Now the BBC are reporting that Vodafone have backed down on the update and will offer it as an optional download at a later date.

The whole OS update issue looks like a storm brewing. Customers very much want Android 2.2, but some manufacturers and networks are dragging their feet over the issue. Maybe there was a point to the Google Nexus One after all, as that was the first to get the update.. but will it run Android 3?

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