Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Sidekick is back.. running Android!

TmoNews has some spy shots of what appears to be a new 4G T-Mobile Sidekick device, built by Samsung and running Android 2.2.

The original T-Mobile Sidekick line has been dead for a while - they were proprietary devices developed by a company that got taken over by Microsoft. The result was one of the biggest disasters in recent tech history, a cock-up so great that it effectively killed off the line.

An Android-based Sidekick seems like a great idea, although it has to be more than just an Android phone with a QWERTY keyboard - the appeal of the original Sidekick was the ease of use especially with messaging, something that T-Mobile will have to replicate.

There's no word on availability, but these pictures show a pretty well rounded piece of hardware, so perhaps an official announcement will come at MWC next month.



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