Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus world's first Android 4.0 phone, and in typical Samsung fashion it is a powerful but quite dull device to look at.

It's a bit smaller than the Galaxy Note, quite a lot bigger than the Galaxy S II and has an HD resolution display that you would normally expect to see on tablet.

Like yesterday's Motorola RAZR, the Galaxy Nexus is pitched at about the same sort of price level as the iPhone 4S. Both Androids have a better spec on paper, but Apple iOS 5 has some hard-to-beat features and frankly looks nicer.

Anyway, this is a dual-core beastie with 1GB of RAM and HSPA+ or LTE support depending on market. Android 4.0 is an unknown quantity at the moment, but it does include cool features such as unlocking by facial recognition.

The Galaxy Nexus (and the rival RAZR) should both be in the shops from next month.

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