Friday, October 7, 2011

Video: HTC Sensation XL

Another HTC phone that sounds like a condom, the HTC Sensation XL is basically a scaled-up version of the HTC Sensation XE. It looks nice, but this month is looking like it might be one of profound changes in the industry. Looking at rivals, the iPhone 4S may be disappointing when it comes to hardware, but the new iOS 5 is looking much more polished than Android 2.3. Samsung allegedly have a Nexus handset running the new unified Android 4.0 platform being announced next week, and Nokia should announce its Windows Phone 7.5 handsets by the end of the month.

I feel that we are on the point of a generational change here. Although the XL is almost certainly going to be a good handset, in a few months time it could well be looking like a dinosaur.


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